APKMirror Installer Pro APK 1.4.0 Download for Android

Many users don’t know that there was a time when developers struggled to incorporate many features into their applications without maximizing the memory space. It was also a struggle for many developers until apps like the APKMirror Installer Pro APK were introduced. The main goal of this app is to install multiple apk bundles into a single one. So, everyone needs this.


What is APKMirror Installer Pro APK?

The APKMirror Installer Pro APK is the upgraded and unlocked version of its basic counterpart, the APKMirror app. It’s basically an app that lets you install apkm, .xapk, and .apks app bundle files along with the standard APK files.

Before the different app bundles, developers could only create a single APK file with their respective libraries and resources installed. They could also manually manage CPU architectures, such as x86 320dpi and arm64 640dpi.

In 2018, Google introduced App bundles that allow developers to leave the burden of handling different variants of APK to the company. This broke the app release into different types; thus, the term split APKs.

App Info

NameAPKMirror Installer Pro
Size6 MB
Last updatedMay 14, 2023

Download APKMirror Installer Pro Latest Version for Android

Using the APK Mirror Installer Pro APK, you can easily access any of these bundles and install them onto your device like normal APKs. Once you’ve installed the APKMirror, you can download the desired .apkm file and use the installer to navigate through the available splits on the file and select the preferred ones. You can download the latest version of APKMirror Installer Pro from the link provided below:


No Ads

The APKMirror Installer Pro APK is ad-free. Rather than get a paid subscription, you can access all the unlocked features for free.


A guide instructs you on how to use the application correctly.

Browse file


You can browse through your files on your device or download the intended files for installation.

Dark mode

The app also has a dark theme mode where you can switch between dark and light modes for your eyes’ protection.

Final words

You don’t have to give up on an application just because it’s only available in a format that isn’t compatible with your device. Download the APKMirror Installer Pro today and install all types of applications on your device.

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